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ID Cards Design Software

ID Cards Design Software

ID card design software is used to produce different types of identification cards including school identity cards, personal ID card, company ID cards etc using different card designing tools including Rectangle, Ellipse, Barcode, Picture and other objects. Software provides facility to print ID cards with advanced print settings.

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ID Cards Design Software

Front and Back view of ID card created by "ID Cards Design Software"

Software Feature :-

  • Generate personalized identification cards in various shapes and sizes including rectangle, rounded rectangle and ellipse.
  • Create multiple ID cards using advanced Batch Processing Series feature.
  • Software provides E-mail setting feature to send generated ID cards at specified email address.
  • Provides facility to create ID cards with wizard or using blank format.
  • Saves created ID cards at any user desired location for future reference.
  • Provides color and background settings including Solid color, Gradient, Image and Style settings.
  • Helps user to create ID card with new ID card format or edit existing ID card format.