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ID Cards Maker (Corporate Edition) Screenshots

Start With New Project

Here, You can choose either "Start with new Project" option or "Select existing project" option if u have already designed project.
In Case of "Start with new Project", Enter Project name, project path and tap 'Import Excel' button to browse the excel file.

Choose Template

Select template category and choose samples, backgrounds as per your choice for designing ID card. Set card size and card sample. After selection Click on 'Next' Button.

Fill User Profile Information

Now Select Excel Column for their respective ID Card Fields. Click "Ok" button.

Designed ID Card

Here, in the left panel, you can see all the details which you have imported using Excel file. Check those boxes next to the label and text, which you want to show on your ID card. You can also update any detail of your ID card and save them. You can update Excel Column and View Excel data.

Designed ID Card

To print your designed ID Card, First go to the print button in toolbar. Tap on that print button, then set all printing settings and Click "Print" button.